Hello and welcome to my web page.

My name is Mike and my amateur radio call is KB8SSH

I am located in Columbus, Ohio USA

My Grid Square is EN80ma

For QSL info and exchange,


eQSL.cc & LOTW

 Direct exchange with SASE.



Radio info is,

Rig - Yaesu FT-450at

Interface - RIGblaster Pro

Antenna - G5RV Inverted V

also a Eagle One Vertical

Software I use are,

Ham Radio Deluxe, Log4om,

MMSSTV, MultiPSK, EasyPal

WSJT-X w/JT-Alert or JT65-HF HB9HQX


I have been a Amateur Radio operator since 
May 1994 and having fun since. 
(Should have done this a long time ago.)
Some of my interest in Ham Radio are; 
Voice, APRS, JT65, JT9, WSPR, PSK31, Packet, ATV, 
SSTV using Digital/Analog modes on both Hf and V/UHF,
Storm Chasing, Foxhunting, DMR, Dstar and ARES events. 
I do have a APRS station at the house with weather data, 
and also run a Mobile APRS.
With the interest in ATV and Digital ATV. 
Here in Columbus, 
we are the first to send and receive 
Digital ATV both mobile and base in the US. 
I have a mobile ATV unit and have setup in 
different parts of town 
showing live ATV video.
I was Vice President of a repeater group CCRA
(Capital City Repeater Association) 
from June, 1996 to June, 1999. 
I like making antenna’s and have built a 
Cobwebb and a Spider antenna for HF,
Also built and Circular polarized for 439Mhz ATV
And a Loop Yagi for 439 and 1200Mhz ATV
You can find on monitoring 146.520 and 147.480 
when I am in the shack or in the mobile on 
146.520 or 144.390 with 100pl.
I can also be found on 40 and 20 meters.

If you have any questions or comments,

please email me @ [email protected]




Some of my links,

The weather from my weather station on APRS!

As I travel with my APRS mobile tracker (KB8SSH-9)!