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Back View

Type: Citizen Band transceiver
Frequency range: 26.265 - 27.405 Mcs, in 40 channels
Mode: AM
RF Power output: 5 W (Tested at 8.3 Watts)
Sensitivity: N/A
Selectivity: N/A
Image response: N/A
Voltage: 13.8 VDC
Current drain: RX: Max .07 A
TX: Max 1.1 A
Impedance: 50 ohms
Dimensions (W*H*D): N/A
Weight: N/A
Manufactured: 1975-~1978
Other: Has built in Public address and external speaker jacks.
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The origional 23 channel CB, that looks like the KCB-4010, came with my Dad's 1975 Ford Granada.

Eight months later, while I was at G. C. Murphey's in South Charleston, West Virginia, I saw that there were KCB-4010 for $14.99, which looked just like the 23 channel Kraco I already have. From the stack of them on that bargin table I bought one.

Later discovering that its output was verry weak (<.5 Watt), I took it back the next dasy and picked up another one out of the same stack.

This one tested with 8.3 watts carrier! I kept it! And, still have it.