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You can create very nice looking QSL cards using your PC and a standard ink jet or bubble jet printer.  You don't need to have an expensive printer.  The one I use was about $75.00.  It is soooo simple and you can create really beautiful cards and customize each of them..

This is what you will need:
1) A PC running MS-PowerPoint.
2) A color printer (ink jet or bubble jet is just fine).
3) Card stock paper.  I like to use 90lb paper.

That's it.  Just down load the example file below.   Open it in MS-PowerPoint.  Edit it to your liking.  You can add your own graphics, possibly a photo of yourself and your dog, or whatever.  Then print out your new beautiful cards.

Example File: qsl card_final.ppt (310KB)

How to download the example file:
1) With the cursor over the file to download, hit the right mouse button.
2) You will then see a pop-up window.  Click the "Save Target As..." line in the pop-up window.
3) You will be prompted to save the file.  Choose a directory and save the file.   Make sure that you remember where you save the file because you will have to find it to open it in PowerPoint.

You may want to check out WA7S.  He has a slightly different way of making QSL cards.  I like my way better, but you may not.

This is an example of my QSL card.  It is for a recent QSO.  It was my first Florida contact.  As you can see there are basically two area I customize and they are in the purple boxes.  I like to type in a personal message.  Most of the time I mention details of our QSO.

QSL1.gif (48176 bytes)

Card format from WA7S.