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My Bio:
Originally held a novice license (WB1AHE) in the late 70's early 80's, but let it expire. Got my Tech in Jan, General in May
and Extra In July all in 2012.  Always wanted to do it and glad I did. I have so many things I want to try I am having difficult
 concentrating on just one.

For radios I have an VHF/UHF band HT, a 4 band HW-8 QRP CW rig from my novice days (still works), a Kenwood TS-520S
and a Kenwood TM-281A

I am a member of the Boston Amateur Radio Club, the North Shore Radio Association and the Minuteman Repeater Association.

I am also a member of the North America QRP CW Club, FIST and SKCC. I try to get involved in traffic nets and usually check
into the Heavy Hitters Traffic net, the Eastern Mass 2meter net and the Central Mass 2 meter net.