Nashua Area Radio Club - N1FD American Radio Relay League

    KB1DFE         Marc Slater

Amateur Radio Emergency Services National Weather Service SKYWARN Program
3905 Century Club Triple HHH Club OM International Sideband Society Ten-Ten International Six Meters World Wide Six Club
Lat. 42.7562N Long. 71.6501W, Grid FN42ES,   Hillsborough County, New Hampshire

Quick callsign lookup:  

Six Club  #149       OMISS  #3822        HHH # 737  

MARAC # R2901  YLSSB #15728         10-10 #71112 

3905 Century Club 160M  #232 -  80M  #2252 -  40M #1938  - 40M RTTY #30


ARRL / ARES / SKYWARN Information
New Hampshire Section ARES/Skywarn Page

Hillsborough County New Hampshire ARES/SKYWARN Page

ARRL New Hampshire
Amateur Radio Emergency Services in New Hampshire Eastern Hillsborough County ARES Plan
Northern New England US Army MARS
Antenna Training Material

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Other Material
Z & Q Signals for Digital mode Traffic Handling
WinLink V2.9/V3.0 Command Set
WinLink Notes: SMF  Receiving Traffic  Login  Listing Traffic 1  2
PK232 Command Set   KAM Command Set
Clubs and Repeaters
Nashua Area Radio Club N1IMO-N1IMN Repeater System
New England Amateur Radio Nets New England Repeater Directory
In range repeaters from the QTH
Reference Information
World Radio Amateur Directory Buckmaster Call Book
Solar Terrestrial Activity Report
Recreational Information
Six Meter Worldwide 3905 Century Club Worked All States Nets
OM International Sideband Society Triple H Net
New England Weak Signals My Other Homepage (SWL, Wine Making)
Packet Radio Home Page
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