This page is for the beginner to the expert. The learning and application of electronics is vital to the future of Amateur Radio. So, if you are just starting out in ham radio, check out some of the basic electronic pages. If you are a seasoned ham, go to some of the project links and build that QRP rig that you've always wanted. 73's and enjoy

Carmen E Lyons (KB0YOJ)



Basics of Electricity


Basics of Electronics by Raymond P. Miecznik


Electronics For Beginners and Intermediate Electronics


A free series of textbooks on the subjects of electricity and electronics By Tony R. Kuphaldt


Electronic Construction from A to Z "Everything you wanted to know about building stuff but were afraid to ask."

by Marshall G. Emm N1FN/VK5FN


Basic Soldering & Desoldering Guide by Alan Winstanley


How to read Capacitor Codes


Peter Parker's Project Page


Harry's Homebrew Homepage


EI9GQ homebrew radio page


IK3OIL Projects Site


Homebrew RF Test Equipment And Software


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