This page was created to provide the Ham Radio community a source of "FREE" information, aimed to promote the learning, building and operation of homebrew equipment and antennas. All of the links on this page have been reviewed by me to insure that all information is free and of good quality. If you happen to find a site that requires you to join a fee based club, buy a subscription, buy a CD or requires a username and password let me know and I will remove it at once. The equipment that we use is barely affordable as it is, at least the knowledge should be free. 73's and enjoy

Carmen E. Lyons Jr. (KB0YOJ)


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Electronics For Beginners and Intermediate, Basic Soldering & Desoldering and Homebrew projects



Homebrew Antennas and Antenna Information



This is only a start. If you have a great site that really promotes the free distrobution of ham radio information e-mail me and I will add it.