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I have been qrv HSCW for a while now,  here are a few links for more information.
I use Cool Edit '96 for tx and rx. Here is what a ping looks like with Cool Edit. Picture of CoolEdit screen with a burst zoomed in
You can see "0gu s2 s2 kb0v" It's about .6 seconds long that's from a sked with KØGU

Another burst zoomed in
This pictr>
This picture shows how AGC can make the signal stand out better with CoolEdit96

Announcing KBØVUK's 'Signal in the Mud' Contest
Correctly identify the callsigns in Whoisit.wav and get your name here!
The signal is almost out of the receiver passband, and not very strong, so it was one of the hardest pings I have ever decoded. Just email me (see the bottom of the page) the correct answer and get my warmest personal regards as well as you name here! (WOW!!)

Download Cool Edit

Download Cool Edit

K0SM's HSMS Tutorial


OH5IY's MS-SOFT big MS program
OH5IY's program is good for predicting meteor showers.

Some Meteor Facts

Instructions for using a MS-SOFT subprogram

For those interested in HSCW or if you're getting
ready please make sure you understand the procedures we follow here in North America
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