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I am a charter member of this club.  In my opinion, this club is the best thing to happen to amateur radio in the tri-state area for a long time.

Click here for a list of area Ham Radio Nets
Iowa State/County/Local agency 10-codes

Among the radios in my shack:

Kenwood TM-V7A
(my mobile)
Yaesu VX-5R
Icom IC-3210A
My 'V7 had these frequencies in it at one time (boy, do I need to update this! ) (click here).

Scanner, ham and other links:

Amateur Radio and public safety organizations:

The American Radio Relay League -- The National Association for Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio Emergency Service -- When all normal means of communications fail

SKYWARN -- Trained volunteer spotters for the National Weather Service

Ham Callsign and Scanner Frequency Lookup Pages:

U.S. Amateur Radio Callsign Lookup Page at University of Arizona, Little Rock
The QRZ Callsign Database
PerCon Data Finder

Retailers of Radio Equipment and accessories/Publishers of Radio Magazines

Grove Link Home Page
(homepage of Grove Enterprises, Scanner, Shortwave, etc. sales and publisher of Monitoring Times and SatelliteTimes)

Burghardt Amateur Center

Commercial Radio Manufacturers Home Pages:

Shortcut to Genave's home pageGenave Communications HomePage - Doing the Impossible with Communications Signaling
Shortcut to Motorola's home page

Personal Ham Home Pages:

Rich Haan's (NØOHO) Radio Links   (Down for a while, due to link rot (something I can identify with!))
Mark Carlson's (KBØNMQ) Radio Page
        Also see Mark's other page -- has a lot of photos of area ham shacks . . .
Aaron Sloan's (KAØZOZ) Web Page
        soon to be changed to

Fun (and informative!)Ham/Scanner Newsgroups/E-mail lists:

Yahoogroups (go to and subscribe to any of these groups that interest you!)
    TM-V7 (about the Kenwood TM-V7 radio)
    YAESUVX5 (all about this tiny little wonder of a radio)
    VX5EVE (the ham-created software for frequency management and modifications to the VX5)
    MML (Minnesota Monitor List -- for Minnesota scanner frequencies and discussions)
    scaniowa (Iowa scanner frequencies and discussions)
    GE-MastrII (converting these rigs to ham repeaters)
    MCC-Controllers (using this brand of controller to run a repeater)
    IowaRailfans (only somewhat radio-related -- just what it sounds like)
    Midrail (same kind of thing, only for the whole midwest)

Other Radio-Related Pages:

Ham Radio Exams Take a practice ham exam online!  (still running?)

KQNW -- AM 750/760:  Northwestern Student Radio  I helped run this student station while I was in college . . .

KSOU Radio (formerly KVDB/KTSB)  I worked here while I was in college . . .

KQADI worked as the News Director here for a while
        -- and at K101, the FM side.

RADIOPHONE Cellular Programming

Jim Fordyce's page with HUGE number of radio links

My homepage