Operating Practices

1. Monitor the repeater to become familiar with its operation.

2. When accessing the repeater, state your intentions; i.e., testing, monitoring, requesting autopatch, etc.

3. Monitoring means your going to be around for a few minutes.

4. Don't use the word "break" to enter into a conversation, unless it's an emergency.

5. Don't call CQ.

6. Identify your station when coming on or leaving the repeater, and at intervals as prescribed by the FCC.

7. Keep your transmisions short and thoughtful, monologues are boring. They also time out the repeater. you must wait for the courtesy tone, to reset the timeout timer.

8. You should also wait for the courtesy tone to allow others to break in. someone might have an emergency.

9. Don't use the autopatch when regular telephone service is available. Autopatch calls shall be restricted to the Greater Kansas City toll free area only