Ron and Karen Shriver




Amateur radio is the hobby of choice here as you can probably tell by the call signs associated with our names at the top of the page.
Northeast Missouri Amateur Radio Club is our home club. See link below for club home page.
The club uses the call W0CBL which was originally issued to Lester Dent. He was a charter member of the club and now a sk. Lester was a prolific author, aviator, photographer, and adventurer. You may remember him as the author of many Doc Savage episodes.


We live northwest of Kirksville , which is located in northeast Missouri.
My wife's name is Karen. Her call is KB0UWG.She holds a Technician Class License.
Son Lloyd, KB0WWG, lives and works in Columbia, Missouri.
Kirksville is home to Truman University and Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine .
Nearby is Thousand Hills State Park and its 700 acre Forrest Lake.

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