Here is my links to Computer & Windows stuff:

Here's some links to Computer stuff

Riva 3Dfx
Asus Creative
IBM Intel
Microsoft Dell
ATI Compact
AMD Sun Microsystems
Coral Norton

Links for stuff for Windows

Winamp - This is a better music player then windows meida player.  It can play MP3's and alot other cool stuff Napster - for downloading any music you want on a mp3, just type in the Artist and it will go out and find it
Roger Wilco - This is a program that you can talk to people over the IP address Netscape - you know what this is
PGP - You can download this if you want to Incript your E-mail, so no one else can read it. Webshots - you can download cool photos, to put as a screen saver or put it as a wallpaper

Some more cool links

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