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    I'm really into all that stuff. I have my own Mt. bike - that I put a lot of money into. I have a  really good Computer, that I like to experement with and I like to play games on my computer too.  I like games  because of  the  graphics and sound and just cuz there fun.  I'm going to Front Range (that's in Longmong CO and its a commetiy college) to start out with.  I'm going to major in CIS in the LAN ( Local Area Networks) departmeant.  I also want to major in Cisco Networking too.  That teaches you how to buid and design networks.

    I'm 19 years old, from Longmont, which is located in Colorado.  My bother and I were in band together and we don't like it much anymore cuz we didn't like my teacher.  I played the trumpet and my borther played the sax.  I like it in Colorado because of the Mountains. I really like to go up in the Mts. whenever I can.

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