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    I like to go Mt. Biking.  One of these days I'm going to have a really good bike, like one of the better GT.   I have a GT. Mt. Bike with Indy front shocks, Zoom neck, bar ends, and good tires.  My friend and I go up and go Mt. Biking a lot.    His a GT bike like mine, but some stuff are different.  He has a 98' and mine is a 94', but than look exactly like each other.  My Dad, bother, and my friend (Zach), and I  want to Utah, in can lands, to go on the white rim road.  It's a 110 mi road that you can bike.   My bother, my friend, and I all did It all on our bikes.  I go Mt. Biking as often as I can.  A year before that my Dad, his friend Fred, and I went to the white rim road.

                                      Here is some of my Utah photos                                                              Here you can read about my trip

                                Here is me GT Mt. bike click on the picture to make it bigger.

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