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       What you are hearing is LIVE streaming audio of the KB0OXD-L Node on EchoLink.  Here you will be able        to  hear all the traffic taking place on the link.  Who knows?  You might even hear your buddy.


      The KB0OXD-L EchoLink Node is an OPEN ACCESS Node.  That means all you need to have is the number
        of the node you wish to access.  The Node itself sits on 446.175 Mhz. SIMPLEX


       I have ALSO created some shortcuts to some of my favorite (And Not-So-Favorite) repeaters, links  &                 conference servers which I'll likely be using from time to time.  If you would like a shortcut added,
just Drop Me A Line & I'll see what I can do to accomondate you.

        In the meantime, here's a TEMPORARY list of access codes.  I say "Temporary" because they're likely to          repeatedly change from time to time before all is said and done.  So if you are having trouble bringing up a particular node, check back here to see if the code has changed BEFORE emailing me.  Much appreciated. :)

Conference Server/Repeater/Link Shortcut Access Code
*N5API*          2
K7PFJ-R          3
KC0RPT-R          4
KD5LWU-R          5
N0EPA-R          6
N0OYM-L          7
*NEW-ENG*          8
W0DK-R          9
N0ZOA         20
KB7FGV         21
W0FT-R         22
N3RL-L         23
N0BVE-R         24
W0IA-R         25
W0UPS-R         26
W5DFW-R         27
W7DYL-L         28
W7MAG-R         29
N5JGX-L         30
AG0S-L         31
AJ0C-L         32
AL7GQ-L         33
KC0CZ-L         34
*DODROPIN*         35
KA0PQW-R         36
*VAN-IRLP*         37
W8BLV-R         38
N0BVE-L         41
*DAWGGONE*         44


Nets ARE welcome on the KB0OXD-L EchoLink Node (I frequent a couple myself).  If you would like to schedule a   net to be put on EchoLink via the KB0OXD-L EchoLink Node or would like to use the node to simply check into
an existing net on EchoLink, just Drop Me A Line FIRST!!

Right now, the only nets the KB0OXD-L EchoLink Node regularly check into are the following - All Times Are MOUNTAIN Time


        10:00 AM - Courage HandiHams Noontime Net - N0BVE-R (Shortcut 24), N0BVE-L (Shortcut 41),
        KA0PQW-R (Shortcut 36) Repeaters & *VAN-IRLP* (Shortcut 37)
         Conference Servers
          6:00 PM - Courage HandiHams Monday Night Net (Mondays Only) - N0BVE-R (Shortcut 24), N0BVE-L         (Shortcut 41),
        KA0PQW-R (Shortcut 36) Repeaters & *VAN-IRLP* (Shortcut 37)
        Conference Servers


        7:00 PM - EchoLinksters Net - *DODROPIN* (Shortcut 35) Conference Server


      NOTEWhen uplinking the system to one of these nets, USE ONLY ONE SHORTCUT.  Why?  The reason
        is simple.  THERE IS NO NEED TO USE MORE THAN ONE CONNECTION.  All possible connections are
        merely and solely provided AS BACKUPS in case the primary (Which is THE FIRST one listed) fails.


        I am always on the lookout for new nets, but if you would like to check into one, see above.


        EchoLink is a  Voice Over IP (VoIP) application SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED for the Amateur Radio service.

It is one of many VoIP systems that are out there now.  In fact, the other most widely used system is the Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP)   The only difference between it and EchoLink is that you can only access
the system via RF links and (Largely) repeaters & repeater systems.  For more information on the IRLP, click on
the link above.

    For More Information On & To DOWNLOAD The EchoLink Client, click on the logo below


        Are you wondering if this is legal?  Hopefully downloading this PDF document to put your mind at ease.

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