Hello this is Dallas KBØNDI
                    I live on a hill near Pelican Rapids, MN
        My wife Paula KBØYSY and I have two children
                                Kaitlyn and Weston
          Hopefully they too will become Hams someday

We normally monitor the 147.060 Barnesville, MN, the 146.820 Erhard, MN, 146.640 Fergus Falls, MN, and the 147.195 Detroit Lakes, MN repeaters.

The links below are of pages that have many links on them so ENJOY!!



Paul's Page

Doug's Page

The Best Home For Hams


YTMag Tractor Discussion Boards

 WMSTR Rollag, MN

 Detroit Lakes Amateur Radio Club Page

 The Farm & Ranch Guide



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updated 2/5/03

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