Running county line of Adair and Cherokee counties, Oklahoma. Main antenna is a HiQ 4/160 (base mounted 5-feet above ground, using 4-foot whip for a total of 13-feet height).

You may also see a Yaesu ATAS-100 as a backup antenna. This trip was the 'maiden voyage' for the HiQ - it worked great.


Rig is Yaesu FT100D running both CW and SSB - mostly County Hunter Net on 14.336 and 14.0565.

The aluminum box above the Yaesu control head is a repackaged Clearspeech base processor - I installed separate headphone and speaker outputs with a on/off switch for the speaker. The other two switches are on/off for processing and on/off power.

The top box is the SDC100 'screw drive controller' that I currently use with the HiQ antenna. The packaging for this controller is a bit awkward in a mobile environment - it would be nice if the switches and LED indicators were mounted in a smaller control head. The cabling sprouting out of the top of the unit is brought under control with some cable ties and split loom.

Since I'm not sure if the SDC100 will be permanent, it and the Clearspeech are mounted with hook-and-loop onto a RAM mount (RAM-A-101 turned vertically)