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Model Gas Engines, Hit-n-Miss Engines, Machine Shop, Ham Radio, Genealogy and Water Gardening are some of the many sites here.

Responsibilities Before Retirement: I was with the Lincoln County R-II School District for over 30 years and hold a Master's Degree in Education in Industrial Technology. I taught Industrial Technology (wood, metal, machine shop, CAD, drafting and electronics), was District's Technology Director and District's Technology Specialist. As such I did the Technology Grants programs and took charge of the computer areas. I was part of the original state's Morenet advisory team as well as serving on many state appointed committee's over in years in my area. I also served for 20 years as ABE/GED instructor and director for the district. Since retiring in 2000 I have done some home remodeling in our area and work for Hechler Hardware. This makes use of my technology skills and experiences. I also sell pellet and corn stoves for them and do the service work on these units.

Hobbies & Interest Sites

    Amateur Radio
    I'm a active General ham operator with the call KB0LCO since 1994. In my first two years I earned WAS SSB; WAS multi mode; WAS 10 x 10; WAS 10 meter; and WAC. I have since earned DXCC 10 meters and DXCC mixed. I'm active on 10 meters between 28.385 - 28.400. I currently operate a TEN TEC PARAGON at 100 watts into a MOSLEY TA33 JR WARC at 45 feet. With a 40 - 80 inverted vee to complete the setup. When bands are down I operate PSK31. There are many good ham links here for the new or advanced ham.

    Ham Information
    I was very active on 6 meter and a SMIRK member and hold VUCC for 6 meter. I did 2 meter SSB and was active on packet out of K0PFX in St. Louis. This is a great link on all facets of ham especially VHF and the callbook servers. Currently working on WAS packet and VUCC 2 meter. This is a good site for both the newcomer and advanced operator.

    br> Ham Radio Information Bookmarks
    These are good site for both the newcomer and advanced ham radio operators.

    Trout Fishing
    One of my favorite outdoor hobbies. Have been fishing on opening week-in at Montauk since 1965. Have trout fished from the rockies to the East coast on summer vacations. Started ultra light fishing in the early 70's. Now I use micro lites in 7 and 8 foot lengths. The opening week-in of 2000 Montauk Park allowed me to make a 8 pound plus rainbow a new home on my den wall. She is qiute happy there and safe from any more hooks. I have two grandsons who I am teaching to be as good a trout fisherman as I am, or at least I will make them think so. Since retirement I have been going two weeks to Canada at BLACK BEAR LODGE on Red Lake. There I do battle with walleyes and "Mr" Pike, a fish with a real attitude and shows it. When a 36 inch plus pike is hook you know you have a battle. But, boy what a fish. ll current Missouri trout fishing information here plus many other excellent fishing links.

    Model Gas Engines Construction
    Probably my most widely known interest and my passion after retiring. I construct scale running models of various hit-n-miss engines. Have plans to over two dozen engines and currently have 12 different models under construction with five currrently running. All engines are layed up from bar stock with no castings. These are shown around the mid-west at summer threashing shows. I currently have 16 different original full size engines that have been restored by me over the last 25 years. The oldest being in the late 1800's. Each engine operate flawlessly. I have also 24 air and steam engines I have built. I have many gas engine palns around the shop and several engines under construction as time permits.

    Machine Shop Practices
    Have taught machine shop in various phases over last 30 years at our local high school. Have a nice machine shop built at my home with lathe, mill, shaper, wire feed and gas welding. Excellect page for those interested in all areas of machining. Am set up for model gas engine construction and currently working on propane fuel system for my hit-n-miss engines.

    Do work on our family linages of Lake; VanMeter; Wagoner; Holbert; Wiesman, Crane, Keck, Paugh, Kitch, Ragan, Bangert, Bland, Deboise, Elder and McIntyre. Other names are constantly added from time to time.

    Water Gardening
    Have recently constructed a 2000 gallon water garden and koi pond in my yard. It has taken much hard work and planning but is well worth it. Last yer rised water lilies and goldfish moving next year to koi. I t very relaxing to watch and the aquadic population has really grown. In the first week "BILLY" the bull frog joined us and stayed all summer. He sang for the entire neighborhook every evening. The pond offers the neighborhood "walker" a stopping place to gaze. I have created my own waterfalls and will next start on lighting. The last phase will be a wrought iron fence around the whole site which I will also built myself.

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