BARC works closely with Beargrease participants and volunteers, and is often observed and overheard by the general public and the news media. Thus, BARC members are emissaries of the amateur radio service and may be the only contact that these various individuals have with ham radio operators. We ARE representatives of ham radio and BARC, whether we wish to be or not.

The Beargrease Amateur Radio Coalition Code of Ethics

BARC members:

Are constantly aware of their role as representatives of the amateur radio service and BARC to Beargrease participants and volunteers and to the general public.

Always present themselves in a manner that reflects well on BARC and on the amateur radio service.

Are courteous and considerate of others so that all enjoy their volunteer experience.

Offer assistance as requested to newer hams and BARC members, and to Beargrease participants and volunteers.

Willingly yield operating times and locations to others in the volunteer schedule so that many amateurs have the chance to participate.

Based in part on The Amateurís Code (1928) by Paul M. Segal, W9EEA