Jan. 2001

ARTICLE IV: Officers

SECTION 1: Officers/Chairpersons

Added a Vice President.

Removed Special Event Chair, Newsletter Chair, and Finance Chair

SECTION 2: Board of Directors

Added duties to this section.

Deleted phrase from President’s duties: "and shall be responsible for Net Control Scheduling."

Added description of Vice President: "The Vice President shall preside over all meetings of the members and of the Board of Directors in the absence of the President. The Vice President shall help with any duties needed by any chairperson and any other help that may be directed by the President."

Reworded duties of Road Crossing chair from:"The road crossing chair shall be responsible for scheduling hams at road crossings in St. Louis County."

To: " The road crossing chair shall be responsible for scheduling hams at road crossings."

Removed Special Events Chair, Newsletter Chair, and Finance Chair descriptions.

SECTION 3: Duties

Duties now included in SECTION 2, deleted this section.

SECTION 4: Vacancies

Renumbered to SECTION 3.

Clarified the text to show that vacancies can be filled by appointment by the president with board approval "by simple majority vote."


Added title section: "Voting/Elections"

Added line: "Any member in good standing shall be entitled to one vote."


Renamed section from "Voting" to "Election of Officers."

Reworded opening sentences to read: "Nominations for positions will open the meeting prior to the pre-race meeting. Voting for officers and elected chairpersons shall be by secret paper ballot or by acclamation if only one person is proposed for the position."

Changed elections from "critique meeting" to "pre-race meeting"


Renamed heading from "Amendment" to "Amendment to By-Laws"


Rewrote all of Section 2 from:

"These By-Laws can be amended at any regular meeting of the members by a two-third's majority of those members voting in person or by paper proxy, if notice of such amendment has been given either in writing by mailed notice or by announcement at the previous meeting."


"A proposal to amend the Bylaws must be voted on by at least fifty one (51) percent of the members. For an amendment to pass, a two thirds (2/3) favorable vote is required. A vote by the members may be in person, written or by email proxy. Notice of an amendment proposal must be given by announcement at the previous meeting and in writing by mail/email to the previous and current years’ members not in attendance when the announcement is made."


Added Section 3 named "Amendment to Communications Plan":

"The Communications Plan shall be reviewed by a committee appointed by the President at the critique meeting. The said committee shall present any recommendations /changes at the next regular meeting. If any recommendations/changes are presented, notice of these changes and the date of the meeting for the vote shall be sent to the previous and current years’ members."

ARTICLE VI: Meetings

Added lines "All meetings shall be presided over by either the President or Vice President. Five sevenths (5/7) of the Board must be present for all meetings to be held."

SECTION 1: Regular meetings

Changed responsibility of setting meetings from the Board to the President.

SECTION 2: Board meetings

Delete first line: "The Board of Directors shall meet prior to the regularly scheduled meetings."

Deleted last lines: "Notice of meetings shall be announced on local Nets. A quorum shall consist of 5 members." (this issue is dealt with above).


Became Article VII.


Section 3 of the previous Article was made its own separate article. The wording is unchanged from the ’91 version of the by-laws.


Renumbered this article to become Article VIII.