Meeting Minutes from the Beargrease Amateur Radio Coalition Board Meeting:

Date: November 18, 2001
Place: Canal Park Inn, Canal Park

Meeting called to Order at 3:45p.m

The following were in attendance:

Bruce N0ELB (visitor)
Shirl KB0SBM
Linda KB9ORP
Joan Thom (guest)

Changes in the Marathon Race:  Mushers will go to Poplar Lake first then back to Devils Track. Start is at Ordean School; Finish is at Lester Park; Downbound mandatory 6 hr layover at Highway 2.

No set place for mandatory lay over for the 150 race, they will lay over wherever they take their vet check.

Fred is going to try and make Beargrease Volunteer Meeting on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

Treasurer's Report: [given by Bruce (last yearís treasurer) and Len (this yearís treasurer)]

Current Balance $332.00, but the checks were never written to pay for last yearís repeater use. Bruce will pay Randy, N0BZZ $125.00 for the use of his system, and $25.00 will go to the Silver Bay repeater owners.

Just a reminder that membership dues are $15.00 for family and $10.00 for individuals.

Joan & Len (KC0EPR) will check on 501c3 Non-profit status for BARC: how much it would cost, how much paperwork, how long, etc.

We will be getting new member packets out early.  Also we will have training sessions for new members.

It would cost us $35.00 for a room at the Canal Park Inn. The board decided to have one long BARC meeting at Canal Park Inn on Jan. 13. The meeting would have new member training and then become a regular BARC meeting to update everyone on this yearís race, course, plans, etc.

Dates to remember:  January 13, 2002 next BARC meeting. 

January 8, 2002 ARAC Meeting: They would like a presentation from BARC.

Discussion about whether to do our own maps or rely on Beargrease.  Bud is going to check on color map printing.  Val will check with Bruce on color printing of maps.

Bud is checkpoint coordinator: Fred and Bud will meet.

Canadian Hams?  Fred and Bud will decide if we need their help this year.

Do we need to cover down bound road crossings so that we don't leave a volunteer waiting for hours at last checkpoint? Shirl and Linda will consider this.


How is the link system?  Val will check with Bruce to see if itís working.  Silver Bay is up and running.

We need back up for net control, for the start of the race. So if it goes down someone knows that they would take it over.


Two Categories: New Mushers and Experienced Musher with new dogs. 


Thank you letters: Val will work with Karen to get them out.


The BARC Net will start on December 9, 2001.  If Valís radio is not fixed, Fred will try to cover.

Code of Ethics needs to be developed. Bud will provide input on code from ARAC.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30