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Last updated August 17, 2000

BARC is the Beargrease Amateur Radio Coallition. It is a group of people that get together in the last few months of each year to prepare for the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon. BARC provides health and welfare communications for this grueling sled dog race along the north shore of Minnesota.

There is a mailing list for BARC and another one for Beargrease. Visit Bruce's page on this for more details.

Here's the Y2K Net Control schedule in Excel 97 Format.

You can look at last year's race archives of the BARC mailing list or this year's archive. It is indexed as YYYYMMDD, so for example, messages from Dec 30, 1999 would be under 19991230.

The messages are stored in a text format with full headers. This service was started Dec 19, 1999 and the 2001 race-year archives start with May 4, 2000. Any questions? Email me....

Here's the 2000 race 400 mile database and the mid-distance database.

Here's the final databases from the 1999 race as promised. The 330 database and the 150 database both are made up of times from net control and are subject to having mistakes in them (I would be surprised if there wasn't a mistake). Some of the warnings that you see in the databases (like overdue teams and the profile screen) no longer work (did they ever?), so they can just be ignored.

We will be hopefully be sending a 12 channel GPS receiver along the entire trail to get an accurate map of the trail. If you are interesting in helping with this project, please contact Bruce, N0ELB

I am compiling a list of things that Beargrease race officials can and cannot ask us to transmit. If you have any opinions, please email me or post it to the BARC mailing list. Here is a final draft in Microsoft Word format.

If you are interested in volunteering, either at net control or any other area, please email me.

If you would like to look at some pictures, I have some from the 1997 race or the 1999 BARC picnic!

If you are looking for Communication Plan information, you'll probably find what you are looking for here:

2000 (Unchanged from 1999)

In HTML or in Microsoft Word 6.0.

Note that the HTML file is missing all of the indentation tabs, but is otherwise identical to the MS Word version

If you are having problems with your browser saving the file to disk, try holding down the shift key while you click on it. This forces browsers like Netscape to save to disk.

2000 race year meetings

Remember the BARC nets - now until Jan 30, 2000, on the 147.330 (Proctor, MN) and the linked system up the north shore (when it's up) at 2000 Local time (8 PM).

Sun, Nov 7 @ 4 pm at the MN ANG at the Duluth Airport.

Sun, Dec 12 @ 4 pm at the MN ANG at the Duluth Airport.

Sun, Jan 16 at the MN ANG at the Duluth Airport.

Sat, Feb 5 @ 6:30 pm at the Buena Vista Restaurant.

Sat, Feb 19 @ 6:30 pm at the Buena Vista Restaurant.

Directions to the Buena Vista

If you are interested in helping out this year, you can contact one of the following people:

Net Control, myself, Matt Werner, KB0KQA

Checkpoints and Road Crossings, Fred Floura, KB0SPB

There are other BARC pages as well! Look at N0ELB's BARC page, you can also return to my homepage.