Last updated November 23, 1997

BARC is the Beargrease Amateur Radio Coallition. It is a group of people that get together in the last few months of each year to get ready for the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon. BARC provides health and we lfare communications for this grueling sled dog race along the north shore of Minnesota.

N0ELB will probably produce the software that we will be using again this year. The final copy of the 1997 race data, obtained from net control, is avaliable. You can get the 1997 musher name list and database in this ZIP. This information is NOT official, and is not guaranteed. There may be mistakes or typos - be aware of that - you have been warned. It's also basica lly useless unless you have BARC97A3, which you can get from here.

I'm working on updating the Comm plan this year. You can find both the original copy and my newest updated copy (not a ccepted by the BARC members at this time) here. They are both in Microsoft Winword 6.0 format, which is readable by virtually ANY word processing program.

If you are having troubles downloading the data files, try holding the shift key when you click on the URL leading to the data file. This will cause Netscape and other browsers to save the information to disk.

The next BARC meeting is Sunday, November 2, 7 PM at the Air National Guard.

There are some other BARC members (and non-members) that have BARC pages. Visit N0ELB's BARC page or N0EXP's BARC page, or you can go back to my homepage.