Node 763

I have three (3) IRLP stations.

My second node (7603) was built to locate at my father's, KA0GVX, cattle ranch in North Central Nebraksa.
My dad owns and operates his own business on about 3000 acres in Rock county Nebraska.
The node itself is built on the "Pizza Box" computer, which is a INGRIAN Networks i10 EdgeSecure Network Box, re-configured to be an IRLP node.
I had to enter the bios and enable both the parrellel port and sound card.
These network boxes do not come with a CD-ROM drive so I also had to change the bios to boot from CD first - Hard Drive second, then temporarily connect a CD-ROM drive.
After installing CentOS 4.7, which came with IRLP card, I removed the CD-Rom drive and installed the IRLP card, purchased from David Cameron VE7LTD via the IRLP Order Page.
The node station radio I am using is an Alinco DR-135 MkIII.
I chose to purchase a ready made interface cable, from, instead of building my own.
As instructed, I changed the COS Detect jumper on the IRLP board, inside the node, from High to Low to work with the Alinco radio.
The alinco will be powered with a Samlex SEC-series SEC 1223 switching power supply.
The antenna will be a ArrowAntennas OSJ - 146/440 MHz open stub Dual Band J-Pole.
The antenall will be mounted on the pole which their current Dish Network antenna is mounted on.

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Node 763

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