Node 7305

I have three (3) IRLP stations.

My third node (7305) Is located at the home of K7AVV Randy Long.
The node itself is built on an embedded computer, re-configured to be an IRLP node.
After installing CentOS 5.4, which I downloaded an ISO image from the internet, I removed the CD-Rom drive and installed the IRLP card, purchased from David Cameron VE7LTD via the IRLP Order Page.
The node station radio I am using is an Alinco DR-135 MkIII.
I chose to purchase a ready made interface cable, from, instead of building my own.
As instructed, I changed the COS Detect jumper on the IRLP board, inside the node, from High to Low to work with the Alinco radio.
The alinco will be powered with a Samlex SEC-series SEC 1223 switching power supply.

Node 3833
Node 7305
Node 763

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