Node 3833

I have three (3) IRLP stations.

My first node (3833) is my portable node.
When I travel for work I set this node up in my hotel, so my operating location changes occasionally.
The node itself is an Embedded node purchased from David Cameron VE7LTD via the IRLP web site.
The node station radio I am using is an Alinco DR-235 MkIII.
I chose to purchase a ready made interface cable, from, instead of building my own.
As instructed, I changed the COS Detect jumper on the IRLP board, inside the node, from High to Low to work with the Alinco radio.
I power the alinco with a Samlex SEC-series SEC 1223 switching power supply.
My antenna is an ArrowAntennas OSJ - 220 MHz open stub J-Pole with about 20' of coax.
I just set the antenna up across the room from me in the hotel.
I use the Yaesu VX-8R ht to access my node locally and it operates on a freq of 223.420 simlex with a tone of 131.8Hz.

As most hotel internet services do not forward the appropriate ports I had to come up with a differnet method to connect to the internet.
I heard about the cradlepoint routers on the Anchorage Reflector (9070).
I purchased the cradlepoint CTR350.
I paired that with a Verizon USB Broadband USB727 Modem and configured the router accordingly.

Node 3833
Node 7305
Node 763

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