Three Generations of Hams

Ham Radio in the Barnes family started with my dad, Ken Barnes, Sr. in February, 1959. He was followed shortly by my grandfather, Frank, later in 1959 and Dad's older brother, LeRoy in late 1959 or early 1960. Dad's younger brother, Howard, was licensed sometime in the 70's and their baby brother Oral Lee was licensed in 1989. Oral Lee's wife, Cheri, was just licensed in 1997.


Name (Relationship) Year Licensed Original Call Current Call Class
Ken Barnes Sr. (Dad) 1959 KN0TCQ K0TCQ General
Frank Barnes (Grandfather) 1959 KN0UBR K0UBR Advanced
LeRoy Barnes (Uncle) 1959 or 1960 KN0UVF expired  
Howard Barnes (Uncle) 197? WD0DFW WD0DFW Advanced
Oral Lee Barnes (Uncle) 1989 KB0ECF KB0ECF Tech Plus
Ken Barnes II (Me) 1990 KB0HCA KB0HCA Tech Plus
Cheri Barnes (Aunt - Oral's wife) 1997 KB0??? KB0??? Tech ?


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