How I Got Tagged "High Class Amateur"

I passed my Novice test on May 24, 1990 and my Technician (before Tech Plus) on the following Saturday at the Columbia, MO hamfest. While we were there, we (Dad, my grandfather, and one of my uncles) ran into Don Schutjer, WB9ROZ from Quincy, IL. Dad introduced me to Don and told him that I had just passed my Tech. Don was genuinely happy that another Barnes was licensed and told me to call him on his repeater, 147.195, when I got my ticket.

About 4 weeks later I received my Novice ticket in the mail. Coincidently, the same day I received my Kenwood TM-231A for my car. One of my first contacts was to Don and the first thing he said after I told him what my call was, was "High Class Amateur." Unfortunately, Don went Silent Key shortly after that from a battle with lung cancer.

Even now, with the options of vanity calls, I probably won't change my call. Being the "High Class Amateur" has too much meaning to me to get rid of it.

73 Don, de KB0HCA



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