Hello all. My name is Ron Hendershot and my call is KA8FTP. I am located in Canton, Ohio and the county is Stark County. The grid square is EN-90. I have been licensed since 1979.

   Even though I was licensed in 1979, I never operated ham radio until 1986, before moving to California in 1988. From my QTH in San Diego, I worked only on 10 meters. Many great qso's were had and many contacts were made. Being a Navy veteran stationed onboard ships in San Diego, I did have the privilege of working from many locations during my service onboard ships. My shipboard contacts were made /MM from both the Caribbean and Eastern Pacific oceans. Shipboard and portable I have worked from include Panama (HP), Jamaica (6Y), St. Lucia (J6), Brazil (PT7), Venezuela (YV), Costa Rica (TI6), and Virgin Islands (NP2) from 1990-1991.  My most enjoyable experience was when I worked from Saudi Arabia (HZ) from 17FEB90-23APR90. I was assigned to a special U.S. Navy attachment in Riyadh during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, and ran 25 watts from a 10 meter rig into a dipole during my off-time. I was able to make over 300 contacts during my stay there, but sorry to say, those contacts did not count for DXCC credit. But I was able to be a first for many people during my stay. I also made the TenX International News back in 1991 and 1992. What an honor.

   Since my return to my home state of Ohio in 1992, I have been very active on most bands and many modes. I am currently running a Yaesu ft-767gx with 100watts and a Kenwood ts-440s/at 100 watts for HF, a Kenwood ts-700sp 2-meter all-mode, a Kenwood th-79a portable in-house for 2 and 440, and a Kenwood th-78a for a handheld. I also have an old Hammarlund HQ-110 receiver and HX-FIFTY that I hope to soon get on the air. Amplifiers consist of a Tokyo Hy-power 80watt brick for 2-meters and a Ameritron Al84 500watts for HF work. Here are a couple of pics of my shack so you can see what the operating conditions are at my location.    pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4

   Antenna array is as follows: 46 feet Riverview tower, Cushcraft A-4 tri-bander with the 40meter add-on, a 3 element 6meter beam mounted flat side, an 8 element 2meter criss-cross beam, and a Comet gp-15 triband vertical. A Davis weather station is also mounted on the tower for wind speed/direction and temperature. A Ham-III turns the antenna array on top of the tower with no problems. A thrust plate and thrust bearing was added to relieve the strain on the bell of the rotor. A couple pics of the antenna array follow. pic5 pic6 pic7 pic8


Hope I did not bore you. Hope to catch you on the air real soon. 73 de Ron.

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