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    (from the radio segments page)
    EOM Some of DFPA's north unit employee's answer check call.(158.7 kb, .wav) | Real Audio

    Douglas County Fire Frequencies

    FrequencyUserUsageI. D.
    154.370All Douglas County Fire DepartmentsPrimary DispatchRed, Dispatch
    154.250North County DepartmentsTacticalWhite
    154.445South CountyTacticalGrey
    153.770South CountyTacticalBlack
    Hear Oakland fire and Sutherlin ambulance dispatched to an accident.
    (185.2 kb, .wav) | Real Audio

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    Douglas County Fire Radio I. D.'s

    Fire DepartmentRadio SeriesPager #Fire DepartmentRadio SeriesPager #
    Douglas County #21100650-656Yoncalla2600680
    Fair Oaks1500626Elkton2900669
    Winston-Dillard1700605-606Camas Valley4200668
    Myrtle Creek1800Days Creek4300675
    Tenmile2000676Rice Hill4600673
    Drain2300640Glendale Ambulance6770679
    Oakland2400621Drain Ambulances6900
    Unit Types by ID #
    Last 2 digitsApparatus/Personnel Type
    00-29Chief and other officers
    70-79Medical Rigs/Ambulances
    80-89Brush Rigs (Fire)
    90-99Special Equipment
    Roseburg units are dispatched on a strange call.
    (57.2 kb, .wav) | Real Audio

    Individual units are numbered uniquely by the last two digits of their I. D.. Here is the system for numbering the different types of apparatus. Thanks to Jeff Chickering for his help with this section and if you can fill in any of the blanks please fill out the form and just put the new info in the comments box or just send them to me at [email protected].

    To determine where a unit is from use the table above and to determine what it is use the table to the left. I. E. 2431 is from Oakland Rural Fire Department because it starts with 24xx and it is an engine because it ends with 3x. Most departments will have more than one piece of each type of apparatus and they will be number sequentially in the same series as the original. There is some variation from the system, more frequently in the smaller departments, but most units comply pretty well.

    During fire season D. F. P. A. also responds to wildland fires so it is helpful to monitor their frequencies as well. In the extreme northwest part of the county wildland fire protection is provided by the Western Lane District of the Oregon Department of Forestry. From Paradise Creek west to the coast wildland fire protection is provided by Coos Forest Protective. Their frequencies are listed with DFPA's below.

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    Douglas Forest Protective Frequencies

    FrequencyUsageI. D.
    151.160Dispatch Repeater2, District, Mt. Scott
    151.190West Lane Dispatch4, Roman Nose
    151.205CFPA Dispatch5
    151.340Primary TacticalRed Net
    151.310Secondary TacticalWhite Net
    DFPA's unofficial homepage contains more information about how to contact their office and who works where. I have a list of D. F. P. A. radio I. D.'s as well as a list of ten codes they commonly use. On most rural wildland fires you will get better information from these frequencies than you will from the county fire departments.
    DFPA's North Unit employees check in with their radio numbers, at the request of dispatch.
    (171.1 kb, .wav) | Real Audio
    If you have a map that shows Township, Range and Section it will be very useful because they almost exclusively use that notation for fire location as well as the location of burn permits etc.. I also like to keep a Douglas County Street Directory handy. It correlates all the streets and rural roads of Douglas County with cross streets and legal locations. The DFPA units carry these with them so it's easier to figure out what they are talking about. They are pretty cheap (less than $5) and are available from the Douglas County Planning Department.

    Red net and White net are used by both DFPA and ODF as simplex tactical channels at the scene of fires. This is where you get the best information on wildland fires. Some of the employees believe that no one scans their tactical channels so they are a bit looser with the lips on these channels. On summer evenings during lightning storms you can get pretty accurate information on where the cells are and where they are heading by tuning in to DFPA. There are usually people in most of the lookouts and on several key high points around the county. Tactical frequencies are also used for general communication when units are close enough to each other.

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    Oregon State Police
    (Douglas County Area)

    FrequencyStationStation NumberArea
    154.815Roseburg37Douglas County
    154.905Cottage Grove25Extreme North Douglas County
    154.845Eugene25Eugene Metro area
    Oregon State Police ID's
    I.D. Pattern Likely Unit Type
    xx10 Station Commander
    xx11-xx19 Patrol Supervisors
    xx20-xx49 Road Troops
    xx50-xx59 Detectives
    xx70-xx79 Game Units
    xx80-xx89 Cadets
    xxCx Cadets
    xxDxx Detectives
    xxMx Motorcycle Officers
    OSP usually refers to their channels by the station # that uses them, such as channel 37 is used by station 37 in Roseburg. In the Curtain area of north Douglas County OSP will sometimes use the 154.905 repeater but for the most part they stick to channel 37. I include the Eugene area frequency only because so many pursuits come down I-5 from that direction that you can sometimes pick them up in advance.

    In the last few years it seems that OSP has been doing more and more saturation patrols to catch speeders and impaired drivers. This usually means that a bunch of patrol cars, sometimes from more than one agency, will wait around a corner and a spotter, sometimes even an aircraft, will use laser or radar to clock cars and report them to the patrol officers. One of their favorite spots is just north of the Metz Hill rest area between Oakland and Yoncalla. The spotter will frequently be relaying the information such as speed, lane, color and vehicle type to the patrol cars on 155.475. That having been said I did hear them use the 154.815 simplex once and they used some kind of repetitive beep periodically on the channel for about an hour before the actual saturation began, presumably to make people lock the channel out of their scanners. . .

    An OSP trooper warns his friends in the south county about a possible customer.
    (152 kb, .wav) | Real Audio
    On the right is a table illustrating OSP's radio numbering system. I must thank Clair for filling in the blanks on this one. The x's in the I. D.s are variable for each individual officer with the first two being the station number in most cases. When they say the I. D.'s with letters in them they say "Mary" or "David" or "Charles" instead of the letter itself. For example: One of Eugene OSP's motorcycle officers might be "twenty-five mary five". As you can see there is more than one way to refer to some of the types of officers. They are usually pretty consistent within a district but not always. For example: some of Roseburg OSP's detectives might be numbered in the 37Dx series and some might be in the xx50-xx59 series. She also mentioned that in some of the smaller offices the xx11-xx19 series is also used for patrol officers. The other series aren't absolute either but they are a good rule of thumb and are generally followed pretty well.

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    Douglas County Sheriff

    FrequencyI. D.Usage
    155.700BlueMain Dispatch Repeater
    155.550OrangeSecondary Repeater
    155.805GreenSearch and Rescue
    155.145YellowPaging and Tactical
    155.3701Roseburg City
    The County Sheriffs and most of the smaller cities in the county are dispatched on "blue". During the evenings and during periods of high traffic they will say "Orange is up" and then license checks will be run on the "orange" frequency. When there is an emergency and they need to clear a channel it is usually "blue". The dispatcher will say "blue is 12-33" or "12-33" on blue and the units not involved directly in the incident will move to orange. Most of the time when this has occured there is a tone about every five seconds or so on the cleared channel, most times blue.
    County dispatches a unit for a subject who didn't know when to say when.
    (127 kb, .wav) | Real Audio
    When the channel is clear for normal traffic the dispatcher will say the incident is "code four" and that blue is 12-34. They will usually jump over and say it on orange also so that those units know to switch back to blue.

    There is a repeater for the "green" channel in the Canyonville area. It is supposed to be for Search and Rescue use but those type of incidents are relatively rare and otherwise it is used mainly for informal communications between units. Apparently some officers don't think this channel is scanned by as many people, or maybe not their bosses because they sometimes treat it like a CB.

    I list the Roseburg City frequency here because it is commonly used by city and county units and is usually referred to as "channel 1" instead of "city". I also have a list of the County Sheriff's twelve codes. You might want to visit the Douglas County Sheriff's official homepage for more information about their operations and how to contact them.

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    Selected City Police Frequencies

    FrequencyCityStation I. D.
    155.310Myrtle Creek210
    Sutherlin PD Radio Number Assignments
    Patrol Officers21-59
    Reserve Officers61-79
    Individual officers are numbered following the station I. D.. i. e. An Oakland officer might be 272. All five cities are dispatched by the Douglas County Sheriffs dispatch on the main dispatch channel. When they say "go to your city" or "go to my city" they are going to the channel listed for their city.

    Roseburg PD responds to shots fired.
    (114 kb, .wav) | Real Audio
    There isn't much activity on Oakland's city channel right now because the police chief's postion is vacant and there is only one permanent officer and one reserve patroling. The rest of the shifts are patroled by the county and they usually stick to their normal channels. All of these frequencies are simplex only and don't extend much beyond the base city.

    *Currently Sutherlin PD is testing a new officer ID system in which they say Sutherlin xx instead of 25x where x is the individual officer's call number. If the system is successful the whole county could go to it making it much easier for us to identify the city an officer is from. Here is a list of the "temporary " radio number assignments that Sutherlin is using during the test. Of course Sutherlin doesn't have enough people to fill all the numbers so only the following numbers are actually assigned: 01-05, 11-12, 21-26, 61-63, 81-87.

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    My Favorite Douglas County 2m Ham Repeaters

    *The 147.12 autopatch is for 911 only and is activated by pushing * and is shut down by pushing #.
    Output FrequencyOffset (khz)Tone (Hz)LocationAutopatch
    146.66- 600noneHarness Mt.No
    145.43- 600noneMt. ScottNo
    145.39- 600186.2 or 100Chilcoot Mt.No
    146.90- 600noneYes
    147.12+ 600100Roseburg AreaYes*
    147.24+ 600noneLane Mt. ?No
    146.76- 600noneCreswell AreaYes
    These repeaters are all open for use by all amateur radio operators. For anyone who is not familiar with amateur radio these may not be that interesting except for the rare traffic reports. Many of the repeaters have semi-official clubs of hams that hangout on the frequency and wait for each other to turn on their radios. If you listen very long you will here something like this "KC7NHP monitoring". This is a ham letting all his/her friends know that they are listening and ready for them to give him/her a call. Usually if any of his friends are on they will call right up.

    The 145.43 repeater hosts a "net" on Monday evenings. During this time there is a "net controller" who all "traffic" is addressed to. He or She will call for all hams on frequency to check in with their callsign and give any news related to the Umpqua Valley Amateur Radio Club or of interest to hams in general. This is probably not that interesting to non-amateurs but I include it so that you know what you are listening to if you happen to turn on the scanner at the right time. A similiar net will be in place any time a State of Emergency has been declared, but this net is to facilitate emergency communications and is quite interesting to monitor. During the flooding of '96 the ham bands were some of the best sources of info on road closures etc..

    For use of the 146.90 autopatch contact the Umpqua Valley Amateur Radio Club at P. O. Box 925, Roseburg OR 97470. If you are interested in becoming a member of the ARES for Douglas County contact Tom KB7YLY at 673-7859. The 145.39 machine has a remote link from the Roseburg area on the 100 hz tone.

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    Miscellaneous Douglas County Frequencies of Interest

    155.340Ambulance MednetCommunications with hospital
    122.800Roseburg AirportUnicom
    153.710Douglas ElectricSimplex only
    37.580Pacific Power and LightFrom an anonymous source
    153.590Pacific Power and LightFrom an anonymous source
    159.000Douglas CountyRoad Department mainly
    155.775ODOTRoseburg Office
    453.825County Radio PhoneUsed mainly by sheriff department
    162.550NOAAPerpetual weather forcasts for Roseburg area
    154.515Wildlife SafariThanks to Mike Phillips for this frequency
    469.3375Seven Feathers CasinoThanks to Duane Anderson for this frequency
    154.100Sutherlin City Public WorksFrom an anonymous source

    Selected Forestry Frequencies

    166.300BLM Roseburg
    166.200BLM Coos Bay
    158.370Roseburg Lumber
    47.980Weyerhauser EastThey don't release this freq
    158.160Weyerhauser West
    451.575AOLAssociated Oregon Loggers
    463.725Terrain TamersChip Trucks, traffic info
    48.700Sun StudsLogging Company
    151.175ODF SouthwestMedford area fire fighting freq
    151.190ODF West LaneWest Lane county fire firefighting
    151.205Coos FPACoastal fire fighting freq
    151.220ODF East LaneEast Lane county fire fighting
    164.600Umpqua National ForestMain dispatch channel
    153.335Ireland Bros. Logging
    451.475Gene Whitaker IncFrom an anonymous source
    451.750Don Whitaker LoggingFrom an anonymous source

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