The basic setup for Remote Operation of a base ham radio station
It’s not perfect any questions ask me


Here is what is needed to setup a remote radio.



                                                                  Host computer

                                                             For the Host Computer (home computer)

1) For the Host computer initial set up procedures are listed below.

2) Install and setup radio control software for your base station radio. I use HRD (Ham Radio Deluxe) it’s free google it and download it.
You will also need a CAT control cable connected from the CAT plug on your radio to the Host computer. T
his cable is required so that the radio can talk to the computer software. Check your radio manual to find out which type cable you will need.
i.e.IC-746 OPC-478 you need a stereo to mono adapter, FT-897 CT-62, TS-2000 is a serial cable.

3) Make the above work first !

4) Now download skype, it’s free to download. Install it on the home computer. Pick a name that is different for each computer you use this on.
I use ka1jbe on home skype and ka1jbe-r as laptop skype..

5) If your using a router ,Find and write down your ip address ( then open port 7805 both tcp.

                                    For the Remote Computer (laptop)

1) For the Remote computer initial set up procedures are listed below. For ease of setup and traveling this computer is normally a laptop.

2) Download Skype. Setup another or different account from the Host computer. (Note:) You can not use the same account as the Home computer because you must call the home computer and you cannot do so if the account is the same. I setup skype to auto answer

3) You will also have to install Ham Radio Deluxe on this computer too.

4) You will need a microphone If the audio is too loud coming from the speakers in the laptop then the radio will key up. I prefer using a speaker/mike headset so the receive audio doesn’t key up the radio in vox

5) IMPORTANT – You must open ham radio deluxe, then click on the remote tab on the right hand corner, then click on configure , a text file will come up , go down to where it says users and add your name followed by a comma then your password. Just follow the examples and save it.

Radio Interface Device

  1. A radio interface is needed to provide a talk path between the two computers. This interface device will connect your computer sound card to your rig. I use the Signalink (has its own built-in sound card) So you don’t have to use your computers audio card. This connects to the back port or the front of the radios in the mike jack.

2) Set up the radio interface to the radio according to the manufacturer's installation instructions provided. It comes with the usb cable for the signalink to computer, you will have to make or buy a cable to go from the signalink to your radio.

Operating Setup

  1. If you are very lucky all of your installations of software and hardware will work without having to do any trouble shooting.
  2. But most of us are not that lucky so let’s try a few things to make sure things are working before attempting to start your remote operation.

a) The first thing you want to make sure that you can control the radio from your home computer using ham radio deluxe.

b) Ok, Now turn off ham radio deluxe on your home computer, your remote setup will not work if the home computer is running ham radio deluxe. Leave computer on and turn on skype.


c) Now using the remote computer (laptop) run skype , you should hear audio from skype without even turning on HRD. You want to mute the microphone in skype so until you have everything running you won’t activate the radio with the VOX.

d) Run Ham Radio Deluxe, click connect then ok then ok again.

Here are a few pictures below:

check out my qrz page or my webpage

Check out my hamradio deluxe log file, I put it up on it updates everytime I make a contact.
Also shows you if I am on the air and what frequency. But this is for another discussion.