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QRPTTF stands for QRP To The Field.  A competition where QRP operators around the world take their equipment to unusual locations and operate for a few hours.  This year QRPTTF had a water theme.  My daughter Cody and I decided to operate from the neighborhood pond in Trophy Club, Texas.  Click on the icon below to go to QRPTTF 2000.


I've added some old photographs of my early stations.  My first transmitter was an Ameco AC1 which used a 6V6 as the oscillator & final amplifier and a 5U4 rectifier.  It was crystal controlled with about 15 Watts of input power.  I still have the rig somewhere in the storage area.  Click on the icon below to go to WB2FHS (1970).


My current station is KA0IQT.  The main station rig is an old Kenwood TS940S-AT.  Click on the icon below to go to KA0IQT.