Wisconsin Radio News

News about Wisconsin Radio and TV will be listed here. This may not be complete, but I will do the best I can.




This from WSAU regarding their power increase to 15kW days, 20kW nights.


plan is to begin work this spring and be fully operational by fall.

Tom Weaver
Program Director
Newsradio 550 WSAU



WOBT 1240 Rhinelander applies to move to new transmitter location south and west of town. FCC Doc HERE.

WIWB Channel 14 Suring applies for DTV ch 21. FCC Doc HERE.

WWRS Ch 52 Mayville applies for auxiliary transmitter. FCC doc HERE.

New 850 Oneida with 210 watts (6 towers) day and 180 watts (4 DIFFERENT towers) night.

WOKY 920 - Milwaukee Files for widening their night time signal for better coverage in the western suburbs.

WSPT 1010 - Stevens Point files for either 10,000 or 50,000 (!!) daytime (with two towers).  Would maintain 10 watts night

New 870 in Whiting (suburb of Stevens Point).  To be 1000 day non directional and 400 watts night with 3 towers.

WDVM 1050 - Eau Claire proposes to LOWER power from 1000/500 to 760/380 still non directional.

WNWC 1190 - Sun Prairie applies for power increase from 1000 to 4700 and to loosen up the pattern by dropping the middle tower, going from 3 to 2 towers.

WNAM 1280- Neenah has an application for 50,000 daytime and maintain 5000 nighttime.

WIGM 1490 - Medford CP to move transmitter location.