Ham Radio - Homepage of K9EZ

General Ham Radio Info
ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League) - If you want more information on becoming a Ham
Another Good Place for Learning how to Become a HAM.
eHam.Net – Fantastic site for ALL info regarding Ham Radio
Query the FCC Ham Call Database
On-Line HamFest - Look for radio items for sale
W9XT Keyer - If you need a keyer, here is the one to get!
Drake Virtual Museum
Converting a Kenwood TS-930 to computer control!
Amateur Repeater Database - Get a listing of all open repeaters in every state. NICE!

Greater Milwaukee DX Association (GMDXA)
Great DX Site! DX.ORG
Internet DX Packet Cluster OH2AQ - including WWV reports and VHF reports
Appleton Wisconsin N9BMS DX Packet Cluster - Via Telnet
Milwaukee DX Association Cluster  (W9ODD) – Via Telnet

PSK31 is a new "digital" communications mode. It utilizes very narrow bandwidth. Most of the software is free!! Connection to your radio is easy as well. I use attenuators our of the radio and computer, and directly connect them. I also utilize VOX so I don't have to set up a PTT line. I am unusually listening around 14070.1 during the day.... give me a call.
Official PSK31 Homepage - Details on this mode: software, frequencies, how to listen for and how it sounds.
LOGGER, A MUST HAVE!! - A FANTASTIC logging program, that includes, PSK31, Telenet, Grey Line maps, Satellite tracking maps, Award tracking, Packet.... and did I say it was FREE?????
WM2U PSK31 Page - How to wire up your radio for PSK. It is EASY. A little history on PSK31 as well.

Badger Contesters - Wisconsin VHF/UHF Contesting Group!
Great VHF Logging Progam
Six Meters and Higher - Great links and info!!
Down East Microwave - Great source for transverters and other equipment.
Rover Resource - Mobile VHF/UHF

M2 Antennas
RadioWorks - Wire Antennas
Cushcraft - HF and VHF/UHF Antennas

Yaesu FT-100, ATAS-100
I am running a Yaesu FT-100, with the ATAS-100 Active Antenna system on my car. It is a WONDERFUL radio antenna combo. The radio controls the antenna for automatic tuning from 7 - 30 MHz. It even covers 2M and 432.
FT-100 and ATAS-100 FAQs
My FT-100/ATAS-100 Installed on my Chevy Blazer

IRAD Filters – THE best!

My Ham Radio Adventures on the road....
June VHF Contest - EN 67, EN 46

County Hunting in VA, TN, NC, WA
County/State Line of Wautauga, NC - Johnson, TN

June 2000 VHF Contest - EN 53