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Links to VHF Information

There is so much more to the VHF bands than simply local repeater activity. Many stations have worked all 50 US states and even over 100 countries on the ham bands above 50 MHz. Through various forms of propagation such as sporadic E-skip, tropospheric ducting and aurora, many stations can be worked on the VHF bands with relatively modest equipment and antennas. You can even reflect transmitted signals off of incoming meteors or off the surface of the moon! VHF operating is exciting and fun, and is available to ALL amateurs, even those with an entry-class license. Don't fool yourself; there is a lot of good DX'ing to be had on the VHF bands, and lots of contests, too! Learn more about VHF activity with some of the links provided below.

K9CU's Regional Grids

Beginner's Info/Primers

An Introduction to VHF Propagation Styles (written for TV/FM DX'ing, but still great info)
N1BUG's web site. LOTS of good propagation and VHF "how-to" info.
An introduction to Six Meters by N1IRZ.


Real-time 50MHz propagation info as spotted by VHF'ers all around the world.
Real-time 144Mhz propagation info from the same site as above.
Meteorscatter.net An excellent site devoted to VHF meteor scatter.
William Hepburn's VHF Tropo Forecast Predictions of VHF+ tropo openings, extremely useful for VHF weak-signal operators.

VHF Contesting

Getting Started in VHF Contesting From a British perspective.
An Introduction to VHF Contesting by Wendell Smith, N9REP a great "how-to" page.
NS9E's VHF Contesting Page.
"So, You Want To Be A Rover" by KB0CY VHF Contesting from your car.
The Rover Resource Page Info for VHF Contesters on the go.
N1QDQ's Rover Resource Page Another introduction to Rovering.
The ARRL VHF QSO Party rules page


The ARRL's definition of grid squares Also explains how and why they came to be.
Another definition of grid squares This one is from AMSAT.
A grid map of the United States, from the ARRL.
Links last updated 6 June 2001