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Whether you enjoy the thrill of a pileup, testing to see how well your station can perform, or how well YOU can perform in a competitive situation, contesting offers a lot of thrills in the world of ham radio. For every realm of interest--CW, SSB, VHF, SSTV, RTTY--there is a contest for it. Explore why we organized the Twin City Contesters in the first place; to compete with ourselves and each other in the quest for a good finish, and having fun doing it. Check out the links below to get more information on ham radio contesting:

Matt, NM9H, working South America on 10 meters

Introduction and Primers

How Many, How Fast? by Larry Ledlow, N1TX
Contest Hints by K1AR The Contest Editor of CQ Magazine offers advice.


Contesting Online A wealth of contesting info is here.
The WA7BNM Contest Calendar A listing of almost every ham radio contest out there.
The KA9FOX Contest Resource Page Lots of good info on contesting here.
The World Contest Station Database Worldwide database of contesters and their stations.

Software and other operating aids

CT Contest Logging Software The op's at K9CU love it. You will, too.

Contest Clubs and Organizations

The ARRL Contest Branch Info on ARRL-sponsored contests.
The Society of Midwest Contesters A midwest group that loves contesting as much as we do!
Links last updated June 1, 2001