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Some Of The Operators at K9CU

A contest group is only as good as the operators that put the station on the air, install the antennas and equipment, and perform maintenance on the stations gear. K9CU is lucky to have a dedicated group of core operators who have great technical savvy and the ability to work the contest pileups with skill and efficiency. Here are some of the folks who help K9CU with their efforts, both on and off the air:

K9CU Operating Position

K9BF Ben Fisher k9bf@uiuc.edu Contest Committee Chairman

KX9X Sean Kutzko kx9x@yahoo.com K9CU Events Coordinator

NO9Z Lynn Osterbur no9z@soltec.net

KF9Z Darren Taylor kf9z@insightbb.com

W9SZ Zack Widup w9sz@prairienet.org CW God, Graveyard Shift Taskmaster, K9CU Webmaster

KB9UWU Matt Comerford kb9uwu@yahoo.comThe K9CU Youngster

KB9UJX Steve Bickers sabicker@prairienet.org

K9XE Ray Boehmer k9xe@yahoo.com

K9QZI Milt Forsberg miltf@uiuc.edu

K9SI Al Wolfe a-wolfe@uiuc.edu Official K9CU "Go-fer"

W9ADS Andy Wadsworth

W9JPN Bill Cochran

This page last updated January 19, 2004