The Twin Cities Amateur Radio Club Contesters 2M FM Challenge- February 26, 2002 Results

Here are the official results from the Twin Cities ARC Contesters 2M FM Challenge held on Tuesday, February 26, 2002. Certificate winners in each category are listed in bold.

Fixed location, HT and Rubber Duck:

Call QSO's Multipliers Score Comments
N9MJZ 7 4 28 -

Fixed location, 20 watts or less:

Call QSO's Multipliers Score Comments
No Entries

Fixed location, 20.1-50 watts:

Call QSO's Multipliers Score Comments

Fixed location, 50.1 watts and higher:

Call QSO's Multipliers Score Comments
KX9X 17 8 136


Call QSO's Multipliers Score Comments
No Official Entries

Fixed Location, Multi-operator:

Call QSO's Multipliers Score Comments
W9YH/p 13 6 78 Ops: KC4ENN, KC8PLB

Check Logs: K9BF/r, N0PRN, NO9Z/r


"My first FM Challenge and I had a blast!"--WB9HFK
"KC4ENN handled rotating the antenna and logging, KC8PLB operated the radio. We were in a parking garage."--W9YH/p
"I had fun doing this!"--N0PRN
"Using headphones really helped me out this time."--KB9YBU
"I was quite amazed to work KX9X in Ogden with my HT and 5 watts from Urbana, inside my second-floor shack!"--N9MJZ
"My 2m mobile rig got too hot and shut down. Had to finish with my backup rig! Ah, the price of running high power."--KX9X


14 total Cities were activated for this FM Challenge: Bondville, Champaign, Danville, Homer, Ivesdale, Mattoon, "Mobile", Moweaqua, Ogden, Paris, Sadorus, Seymour, Sidney, Urbana.

20 different callsigns were found in the total logs submitted: AA9JE, AA9YF, K9BF/r, K9QZI, KA9ZSX, KB9GIG, KB9LCJ, KB9REE, KB9YBU, KB9ZVA, N0PRN, N9GOC, N9MJZ, N9PFC, N9XWX, N9ZIV, NO9Z/r, W9YH/r, WB9HFK, WB9KMD.

Comments from the organizer:

Unfortunately, the worst snow storm of the season hit the same evening as the FM Challenge. As a result, participation was WAY down. A special thank you goes out to Ben, K9BF, who went rovering in the blizzard to hand out several juicy multipliers for the event! Lynn, NO9Z, got called into work and also handed out some QSO's while "rovering".

Several people entered for the first time this year, and I'm glad to see that. Please help spread the word to as many folks and clubs as possible about this event. It is a lot of fun and could really be a great event if we get a lot of people involved.

The next running of the 2m FM Challenge will be in late May, 2002. Thanks to everybody who participated.


Sean Kutzko, KX9X

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