The Twin Cities Amateur Radio Club Contesters 2M FM Challenge- January 28, 2007 Results

Here are the official results from the Twin Cities ARC Contesters 2M FM Challenge held on Sunday, January 28, 2007. Certificate winners in each category are listed in bold.

Fixed location, 5 watts or less:

Call QSO's Multipliers Score Comments
W9CMA 19 11 209 -

Fixed location, More than 5 but less than or equal to 20 watts:

Call QSO's Multipliers Score Comments
KC9KGJ 36 22 792 -

Fixed location, more than 20 but less than or equal to 50 watts:

Call QSO's Multipliers Score Comments

Fixed location, Greater than 50 watts:

Call QSO's Multipliers Score Comments
AB9FJ 33 19 627 -


Call QSO's Multipliers Score Comments


10 (+ 7 mults activated)=17

8 (+ 8 mults activated)=16


KC9DUU, Driver

Fixed Location, Multi-operator:

Call QSO's Multipliers Score Comments
No Entries


"It was a lot of fun. I had a great time! Let's do it again some time soon."--K9QZI
"It just keeps getting better."--AB9FJ
"... it was good experience for new contesters and good practice for more serious contesting."--K9MLT
"... Surprised at hitting Homer, Sidney, and Gifford but not Rantoul. Next time, let's try for warmer weather. :-) "--W9CMA
"Being a Rover in this contest is a blast. It's more like a contest with a road rally thrown in."--W9SZ/R
"A great contest, glad I remembered."--K9KUZ


31 total Cities (according to logs received) were activated for this FM Challenge: Bloomington, Champaign, Clinton, Danville, Dillsburg, Flatville, Gifford, Homer, Hoopeston, Mahomet, Mattoon, Mayview, "mobile," Monticello, Muncie, Normal, Ogden, Penfield, Philo, Rantoul, Savoy, Seeleyville IN, Seymour, Sidney, St. Joseph, Sullivan, Terre Haute IN, Thomasboro, Tilton, Tolono, Urbana.

32 different callsigns were found in the total logs submitted: AB9FJ, K9BF, K9CFH, K9KUZ, K9LJR, K9LMM, K9MLT, K9QZI, KA9IBS, KB1USA, KB9AZA, KB9YZI, KC9HND, KC9IHU, KC9JVR, KC9JVT, KC9JVY/R, KC9KGJ, KC9S, KF8ZN/R, KF9Z, N0PRN, N9GOC, N9NVY, N9ZIV, N9ZKS, W9CMA, W9DML, W9DSP, W9SZ/R, WA9LXT, WB9KMD.

Comments from the organizer:

The contest was great fun! It was one of the coldest nights of the season but my car was plenty warm, assisted by the 100 watt amp I used this time. I heard many positive comments about the contest. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

Once again, we saw a few newcomers to the event. More is always better, so let's all think of ways to better promote this event.

We will be having more of these during the year. I am thinking one in each season (about every three months). We will probably do them during daylight hours, too, for the benefit of the Rovers so they won't have to drive in the dark.

Also, a couple of the rules might need clarification so I will be looking into that also.

If anyone has any suggestions for future contests (possible improvements, etc.) please let me know.


Zack Widup, W9SZ

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