BoatAnchors That I have in my collection are as follows:

Some of the units have not been restored as yet, I will be adding the pictures as time goes along

Heathkit --

DX-40 Transmitter
DX-60 Transmitter
SB110 6 Meter Transceiver
SB301 Receiver
SB401 Transmitter
SB220 2KW Amplifier
SB-610 Scope
SB-10 Single SideBand Adapter
AR-2 Power and SWR Meter
HM-102 HF Power and SWR Meter

Hallicrafters --

SX-25 Receiver
SX-28 Receiver
SX-100 Receiver
SX-110 Receiver
SX-101 mk3 Receiver
HT32B Transmitter

E.F. Johnson --

Valiant Transmitter (3)
Valiant II Transmitter

Drake --

TR4a Tranceiver
TR4c Tranceiver
MN2000 Matching Network

National --

NC-300 Receiver