In-line cable adapters
using film cannisters

My technique to create "in-line" sockets/adapters for a variety of connectors is
to use a panel mount connector and a plastic 35mm film containers. I use a hand
reamer to put hole for jack in bottom of container. I then put a smaller hole in
cap. I pass the wire through cap hole, tie a small knot to keep wire  from
pulling out, wire jack then insert into container and put retaining nut on
bottom outside of container. For jacks with screw holes instead of a nut,  I
make two small holes in bottom of container on both sides of jack, after jack is
in place I then use pop rivets to hold in place. I like the clear containers the
best because you can see internal wiring of jack. By using this method and
attaching plug-in connectors on the wire end, it is easy to make any type of
in-line adaper (8 pin to 4 pin, kenwood  8 pin to yaesu 8 pin or visa a versa to
use any mic with any rig. I also have made "T" type splitters/connectors by
mounting a jack in both ends of container and bringing the wire through a hole
in middle of container. This is great for using two sets of headphones at field

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