From the Upper Peninsula of Michigan along the southern shore of Lake Superior ~ Station  K 8 L O D

To All HARA Club Members;

I would like to take this time and space to personally thank all of the HARA club Member
Volunteers for making yesterday a very safe race for the skiers out there. I was very
proud. I spent the day at control and received numerous compliments about the
professionalism portrayed by our operators. We sounded very efficient and proper
performing our duties. The Search and Rescue supervisor Jason was very pleased with the
rapid response from the Log Yard operators concerning 3 separate skier accidents.  The
flow of info directed to help the down skiers was timely and thorough. Thanks Log Yard
operators. Jack N8JRN and partner.

I know it was a very long day for quite a lot of operators and I do appreciate the
effort. I want to personally thank Greg KI8AF and Rich N8GBA for ramrodding the event
and making sure things got off to a good start. I will be talking with volunteers later
and comparing notes to see if we can make any positive improvements. If anyone would
like to comment please feel free to send me a personal message.

One more note, next Saturday Feb 1st  2014 is our Shop and Swap. This event is our cash
cow and it is a really important fund raiser. John Veiht  N8RSE has been working to make
it a success as always. He has told me that we could use more items for our club table.
Therefor;  I'm making a request that if any member has any item (Hopefully Ham Related)
that they can donate to the table it would be greatly appreciated. Just contact me and I
will somehow get to the Shop and Shop. Once again thanks I and hope to see many of you
at the next meeting. Next volunteer event is The Sled Dog Race in two weeks. We still
need volunteers for that event also. If someone wants to volunteer again let me know and
I will put you in touch with the proper person.  Also check out the Standing Wave to see
whats events are up next for the club. Thank You Greg for the SW

Fred Mouser KD8JIP

PS: Sad note, I guess everyone heard that Bonanza restaurant is officially closed as of
today. Many of our club members used Bonanza as a "Rag Chew" spot for our Friday lunch
meal. We would like to keep up the tradition "Lunch Get-Together" so I think we are
scoping out the Market Place at NMU to have our Friday lunches. If anyone knows of or
has any other ideas let us know and we will consider the idea. Thanks To Mitch & Ed
for their support of our club.


To All HARA Club Members;  (January 26, 2014)

Greetings from Fred;

Hope all had a very pleasant actually "Great Xmas". Our next club meeting is next week
on the 2nd of Jan,  2014. A new year is beginning and we have a lot to prepare for. We
have our regular events with Ski Race and UP 200 Sled Dog Race coming up fast. Also our
Swap and Shop is approaching in Feb. Rich Schwenke N8GBA has reminded me that we are in
need of volunteers for multiple stations for the Ski Race. John Veiht has everything
under control for Swap and Shop so it should be a real success. Bruce Carlson N9MDE is
working diligently on our program schedule but would like some membership input as to
what would be of interest for members. Please if you have suggestions or ideas let us
know so we can work on them. There is a ton of knowledge and know-how within the club
that can be "Elemered" around. If anyone has any subject or info that needs to be on
the meeting Agenda please let me know so I can add to the Agenda. I know everyone has
a life and can't always attend the meetings so if you have questions or concerns let me
know so we can at least try and address them. 

PS: Rich N8GBA is distributing Swap and Shop Raffle Tickets. Please contact him to get
a bundle of tickets to sell for our annual fund raiser. This is our main source of
income for the year  that supports our club to pay for Insurance, equipment, repeater
maintenance and other expenses.Rich's home phone # is 906-249-3837 or cell # 906-360-5354.

Fred Mouser KD8JIP


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