Hocking Valley Amateur Radio Club

Logan, Ohio

***** Hocking County *****

Club Call Sign: K8LGN

A Non-Profit Organization of Volunteers dedicated to
the support of local Public Safety Agencies,
assisting local residents during times of emergency,
and the furtherance of Worldwide fellowship through Amateur Radio

Contact Email: hvarc.73@gmail.com

The Hocking Valley Amateur Radio Club is an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable
organization. Your donations may be tax deductable as allowed by law.

Meetings and Nets

Monthly Club Meetings on the First Tuesday of the Month at 7:30 PM.,
at the Hocking County EOC, 52 E. Second St., Logan, OH
All interested persons are invited to attend.

**Weekly Net on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM local time, on all of the HVARC
Repeaters (see below)

Field Day Announcement

The HVARC will hold Field Day this year at the residence of Ray, KB8GUN.

The purpose of this contest is to activate a Ham Radio Station in the
field and under simulated emergency conditions in order to contact as many
other Ham Radios Stations actoss North America as possible during the
contest period. This allows us to test and improve equipment and
operating procedures that will be used in an actual emergency.
The activities will begin Saturday, June 24, at 10 AM, and continue
into Sunday, June 25. Club callsign K8LGN/8 will be used during the contest.
All are invited to attend. Potluck Dinner at 6 PM on Saturday. See you there!!!

Special Event Station N8H

The HVARC will be operating the special event station N8H from the
Hocking County Fair, Sept. 10 thru 16, 2017. The new Emergency
Communications Trailer will be used for operations.
More details to be announced soon!

Current Status
2 Meter GE Mastr II Repeater Online, 75 Watts ERP
1.25 Meter Remote Base Online, 35 Watts ERP
70 cm Repeater Online, 45 Watts ERP


HVARC maintains the following stations as part of the local Amateur Radio
infrastructure for routine as well as emergency communications


2 Meter Repeater: 147.345 MHz output, 147.945 MHz input, Tone(PL): 114.8 Hz

1.25 Meter Remote Base: 223.460 MHz Simplex, Tone PL: 114.8 Hz

70 CM Repeater: 443.125 MHz Output, 448.125 MHz input, Tone (PL): None

Club Station: 80 thru 10 Meters HF, 2 Meters and 70 CM, located at
the Hocking County EOC.

Communications Trailer Deployed for Field Day

2 Meter APRS Digipeater: K8LGN-5, 144.390 MHz

Digipeater undergoing testing

Repeater Tower atop Schultz Hill

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