The DeForest Amateur Radio Club is an ARES (Amateur Radio
	Emergency Service) club affiliated with the ARRL 
	(American Radio Relay League).

	The club was formed late in 1974 as a result of the 1974
	tornadoes that ripped through Ohio, including Adams County.
	We were first named the "Adams and Brown Counties AREC". 
	The "C" in AREC was "Corps". When the ARRL later changed 
	the service to ARES, we also changed our name. A few years
	later when the two counties were no longer affiliated
	with each other the club name became the DeForest Amateur
	Radio Club. A non-geographic name was chosen because there
	were remaining members in both Adams and Brown Counties. 
	All club property and records were then owned by the
	DeForest ARC.


	The DeForest ARC (callsign K8GE) owns and operates a two
	meter repeater system on 147.00 MHz in the Adams County 
	area. The PL is 94.8 or the wakeup code is 500 on a 
	touch-tone type microphone.


	The DeForest ARC was never considered a repeater club, but
	a club with a repeater. The DeForest ARC is involved with many 
	activities that do not involve the repeater, such as ham radio
	classes, Field Day participation, special events, parade control
	and even operating an HF station on a club sponsored float,
	searches of missing persons, provide communications for 
	Ohio National Guard during the 1978 and 1994 snow emergencies 
	and the 1997 flood. The club provides support for the Adams
	County Emergency Management Agency, the Adams County 911
        Communications System, and the West Union Fire Department.