Amateur Radio Station K7HJ

The Station

K7HJ is a QRP (5 watts) station located in Las Vegas Nevada, and operated by Bill Brady (K7HJ). The station equipment is incredibly simple, and includes the following:


The Objective

Licensed in 1989 when Morse code was required, Bill was tested at 5, 13, and 20 words per minute. While showing proficiency and obtaining the Extra Class license at 20wpm, Bill focused only on Voice operation. Fast forward 22 years later, it is Bill's goal to return to the art of CW and build his code speed up to 60wpm & seek membership into the HSC, SHSC, VHSC, and ultmately the EHSC Club.

The Study

I will implement the following programs into our study to advance at a faster rate than using the old fashion tapes:

The Required Reading

The books I feel are required to fully understand the concepts of Morse Code from experterts in the Art of Telegraphy.

The Memberships

FISTS # 15705
Straight Key Century Club
SKCC# 9086
North American QRP CW Club NAQCC# 5919

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