Installation Photos Of The 40 Meter Antenna System


All hardware was pre-assembled on the ground before installation

One of the 40m beams being tested

80m 4-Square, my old Quad antenna and the 40m system

The crane arrives on install day

The jib extension has been installed

Setting the first tower sections

The second tower pick -- 40 feet of tower with one RingRotor installed

Setting the second tower pick

Getting ready to raise the top 80 feet of tower with the RingRotor and top 40m antenna already attached

Beginning of the slow ascent...

The tower is carefully guided into the vertical plane

So far so good ...

Bolting the upper 80 feet of tower to the bottom 80 feet

The crane holds the tower in place while the guys are being attached

The top antenna has been rotated into the horizontal plane

On another day a smaller crane arrives and raises the bottom 40-meter antenna

Swinging the bottom 40 into place

Attaching the bottom antenna to the RingRotor