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MAP of Anaheim complex: Map is 12 years old and only active Boeing buildings are B201,B202,B203 along with Fitness center

Autonetics Radio Club, Boeing - Anaheim, CA

K6NX (formerly WB6YPX) 

The Autonetics Radio Club has been in existence since before 1967 when the club received its first club callsign. The club supports the employees at the Anaheim facility and other Boeing employees and retirees that live in the Southern California area. The facility began as the Autonetics Division of North American Aviation. Later, North American Rockwell, Rockwell International, Boeing North American and now part of the Boeing company.

The club supports a repeater with autopatch capabilities. The repeater is open to the general public use and the autopatch is limited to member's use. If you plan on using the repeater for a specal event (Walk-A-Thon, Parades, etc.), it would be appreciated if you notified the club. For some special events, the autopatch code sheet can be given to a very limited number of participants to use in case of emergency. Again contact the club. More information can be found at the repeater link above.

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