I passed my novice FCC amateur radio license test in 1969 in Richardson, Texas, and became WN5YMV.  Soon afterwards several other fellow Richardson North Junior High students passed their novice tests as well - WN5AAR (now N5RZ), WN5AAS (now K5NZ), and WN5AOF (now K5MR).  I passed my general and advanced tickets in the Dallas FCC office and became WA5YMV.  My family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio where I became WB8HQD for about a year.  Then we were off to Irvine, California were I was WA6NGO until 1996 when I obtained my present K6NR call.

I am equipped to operate every ham frequency from 160 meters up to 440 mhz, but I am currently most active on the HF bands, especially 80 and 160 meters.  CW is my preferred mode.  I chase DX, and dabble in contests.  I have a station at my Irvine, California home - an IC756 and 12AVQ and HF2V verticals.  I am most active using my remote station in Phelan, California, where I have a variety of antennas and plans for more.  My job at the University of California, Irvine, and family (my wife Carmen and I have four children, ages 12 to 22), keep me away from the radio a good deal.

I have had the pleasure of operating at K5MR's station north of Dallas several times, once at K5NZ's station near Houston, and a few times at K5NA's near Austin.

I am a life member of the American Radio Relay, and a member of the Southern California Contest Club, South Orange County Amateur Radio Association, and Northern California DX Foundation.  

Current DXCC totals: 304
confirmed, 318 worked (133/175 on 80m, 58/89 on 160)

Dana Roode, April 2, 2006