K6NR Local Station
Irvine, California

I am not using my local station too much these days, but keep it up and running nonetheless - here's the rundown:

The HF+6m Rig is an Icom IC756, which I am extremely happy with.  It also accompanies me to Phelan for contests.  I have an Ameritron AL811 amplifier, which puts out 400watts and has been very reliable.   My principal HF antenna is a Hygain 12AVQ 10/15/20 meter trap vertical, which I have mounted on my roof at 30'.  It works quite well;  I have added parallel wire elements so that it also covers 12 and 6 meters.  Also on the roof is a 3 element MFJ 6 meter beam, and I have a Butternutt HF2v for 40 and 80 in the backyard with a minimal radial system.

Dana Roode, K6NR, April 2002