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OXNARD, CA 93033


President's Message:

Greetings Squadron Members and fellow Amateurs!

I hope you have been having a good spring time. my apologies for taking soo long in getting this out to you. Enough of the bowing and scraping! I sure hope that now the weather is a bit nicer that any antenna projects you are planning are coming along. Speaking of projects and things to do, how many of you are planning to go to field day? Be sure to bring lots of tools, coax, and don’t forget the antennas. It has been a couple of years since I attended one myself, and I am surely looking forward to it! Be prepared and if “Murphy” shows his ugly face, smack him with a soldering iron and tell him to “hit the road”.

Welcome new members!

Although we’re not a really big club, we are making some good gains. I want to take this opportunity to welcome three of our newest members, and at the same time thank each and every one of you that have checked into our Net and/or joined the Quad Squad. Little did we know that it would grow like it has when we started out. But it is a good club and it is our members that make it so. Let us all welcome our new members; NR 017-N6JQI TOM, NR 018-VE1MSS MAX, NR 019-KB8DFA CORBY, NR 020-W5HR HENRY, NR 021-N5WYR JOHN, NR 022-AH6NP CAPT: HARRY PHILLIPS III. WELCOME !!!

Net Doings:

I want to take this opportunity to thank Bill, N6XD , and John, AC6PX, for all the many times they operated as NCS for NR6H, when the net was on ten meters. Well, the net has been doing really well, since we moved it to fifteen meters. On a good day we can have as many as 15 check-ins . I know that’s not too much but we are a young group. So what are you waiting for? Check into the Net: We meet Saturday afternoons, at 1:00 P.M. Pacific. (That’s 20:00 UTC summer.) 21.370 Mhz, primary frequency or, if that’s busy, the secondary frequency is 21.362 MHz and, if it’s really busy, we move up or down five kc! (You know that’s usually not necessary, but it’s good to know - just in case.) The net usually lasts about an hour and it moves by fairly quickly and an enjoyable time can be had by everyone who participates.

We're on the Web!

Yes, that’s right, folks. We are on the Web and a fine web site it is, too. On the NR6H site, you can find a membership roster, a short description and scope of the club. Included is an electronic application ,which you or your friends can use to join NR6H, the Quad Squad. It is a very nice web page. Our thanks to Bill Allen, N6XD, for the really fine job that he does as WebMaster for NR6H. http://www.qsl.net/nr6h...You may also want to check out Bill’s personal home page. It has a lot of really good links related to amateur radio. It is http://www.isle.net/~ballen.

In Closing:

I really love Amateur radio. It is the one thing that joins all of us together even though we have many diverse Careers, likes and dislikes, and views. Ham radio has a wonderful drawing power, It is a power of camaraderie that flows across the “Ether” as we communicate with each other , whether it is with a mike or a key, or another mode, whether across town or across the world. In closing , whatever antenna one chooses to use at his or her particular ham shack; be it wire or loop, yagi , vertical or a cubical quad (you can guess which one I am partial to) It all spells “real fun”. 73, Dave, KE6RQQ



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